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  • Welcome to Racer Downloads

    Racer Downloads is an attempt to provide a lasting place to find & manage content for Racer. Members can upload and maintain their content here.

    What is Racer? Racer is a freely available racing simulation which focuses on realism and ease of creation of content.
    You can find Racer atRacer.nl.

    2009-12-16: Members can now edit their uploads; thumbnails can't yet be changed though.
    2009-11-25: Utilities are now also possible (Raven is the first utility).
    2009-11-04: Tracks are now also possible.
    2009-10-19: It is now possible to submit cars. No local storage is available yet; only links. Also, administering your uploads is yet to be created.
    Still, the uploader id is stored, and the basic database structure is working.

    (c) 2009-2011 Dolphinity B.V. - Ruud van Gaal - also check out Planner

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